Saturday, November 25, 2006


It is amazing what God has done for us! It is amazing to hear Hebrews 9 & 10 in such an inspirate way! Watch and praise Jesus Christ!

Ryan Ferguson

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy birthday, Gabi!

Gabi turned to 18 and are good signs in his personality development.
We are happy for him and the way he sees the life now.
We wish him ”Happy birthday and a life full of meaning”!
For Saint Demetrius he gave me a keys holder (a small piece of plastic with a ring). On one side of it is written Demetrius and on the other side: „brilliant personality; is admired by everybody for his fermity and charisma”.
What a compliment from your son!
I would be very happy to be true and I wish him that these words to be true for him! I love you, my son!
We took a short trip and found a beautiful forest with autumn flowers!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Romanians too ...

This Sunday I had the joy to get the very first Romanian personal donation for the bridge.
It's about Handa family: Cristi, Simona, Emanuel.
Thank you for your donation and thank you for your heart!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

We crossed the river

God is good!
In spite of difficulties we managed to build the bridge over the river.
It was a more difficult task then we thought in the beginning.
We need to continue the work and to cross the mill creek. See some pictures!

The segment of the bridge

At the end of the bridge

What's next?

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Something is changing ...

In our family, something is changing this year. Our daughter – Ana-Maria – is now a university student. She will study The Science of Education at Psychology Faculty from Timisoara West University.
Pray that she will adjust to a new lifestyle. You can encourage her sending her a message at
We also need some adjustment.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're still working

Today we have started to prepare the iron structure for the second segment of the bridge.
I have been there to see that everything is OK and to be sure that will be a very solid bridge for the future plans. Remember that on this bridge trucks will carry construction materials for the building.
In the picture you can see the very first car on the bridge. Solid rock!

Were still working
The very first car on the bridge

Sunday, September 24, 2006

20 years of marriage

My joy is to share with you that we celebrate 20 years of marriage.
We took a long, but beautiful trip on Romanian mountains (about 850 Km in two days); long race, but absolutely amazing.
Note: this message was edited on 09.20.2006.

Mitrut and Alina after 20 years of marriage
Transfagarasan Road - North
Transfagarasan Road - South

The second segment

The workers are working on laying concrete on the second segment.
We’re short of money for the bridge. Your support will be very much appreciated!
If you want to help send me a mail!
Note: this message was edited on 09.12.2006.

One more step

Today we have poured concrete over the beams to finish the first segment of the bridge.
The message was edited on 08.31.2006.

One more step

Installing the beams on the first segment of the bridge

After the season camps we've started the work.
The first stage is finished and now the beams are installed on a very dense rain.
The message was edited on 08.31.2006.

Installing the beams on the first segment

Plopu Project is going on

The bridge in 2005This year our goal for Plopu Project was to build the bridge. The work has three stages:
- the pillars
- the beams
- the way
This was the situation after 2005.
Note: this message was edited on 08.19.2006.


Finally, I can share on a regular basis some events from my life and ministry.
The blog can be accessed directly, or from my website which is under construction.
I will let you know when you ca access it.
Note: this message was edited on 08.15.2006.